Chandler HoganThank you man. And thank you so much again for making this for me!

Michael McLeanI just opened it and this is a very fine piece.That was unexpected but a very nice surprise I have to say that was great craftsmanship on that knife.

Saul DelgadoI just now was able to open my package. I just want to say i love them. Thank you so much! Thank you for the extra gift. I will be ordering again in the future.

Thomas ElliottI'm getting this , really good work on Spears and axes and knifes , this is my third of four things I have gotten from Red Knives, so far I love his work and trust his craftsmanship on knifes, looking at getting more from a good knife maker

Joseph leeIt's sturdy which is what i am wanted. The knives were very nice...!

Matthew DawsonI want to give a huge shout out to Red Knives, for such an amazing axe!! He really out did himself I couldn't be happier with it. His blacksmithing and leather working skills are phenomenal!

Garrett Seagrovesyes I have the is absolutely gorgeous.I am happy with the blade. It is comfortable.

Eric EtheridgeHey brother the knife came in!
Its awesome!
Dude thats incredible!
Yes! I just got it. It looks Amazing!

Steven HansenBig thanks to red knives for making me this awesome knife

Amanda KirkaI got it!!!! It looks amazing, absolutely stunning and beautiful!!
Thank you so much!!!!